What is more relaxing than having a massage on the fly bridge of Douce France with a 360-degree sea view around you? All you hear is the sound of the sea and the masseuse on board can take away all the stress with her selection of different types of massages. Douce France also provides onboard all the necessary material for big or small game fishing. The crew will be happy to assist and instruct guests in the exciting sport of finding, hooking and reeling in one of the oceans predators.

Water Toys

An impressive selection of water toys and activities will please any guest. Peddling through the tropical blue waters in a one or two-seated ocean kayak, guests will discover their own little paradise of unspoiled nature and wildlife. Douce France has all the equipment to explore life below the waterline snorkelling around a reef or next to a white sanded beach. For the more active guests, Douce France carries a large selection of water sports equipment and offers activities such as wave surfing, water-skiing, sailing and windsurfing.
Snorkeling and diving are the greatest ways to discover the underwater life. Douce France is equipped with all the necessary gear for any guest to dive into the crystal blue water and start discovering this captivating world. The onboard personal diving instructor will guide the guests into the tropical reefs and diving spots. With his great experience, guests will feel safe around their instructor while they are learning more about the fauna and flora below sea level. 8 full sets of diving gear are at the charterer’s disposal.